+ Seeds

+ Plants, Corms, Bulbs, Roots, Etc.

  • Friends and neighbors! Visit a friend for tea and bring home root divisions! I've been known to nearly drive up on the curb to ask a gardener for a root division! So, don't be afraid to meet new gardeners as they are often happy to share!
  • Horizon Herbs (Oregon)
  • The Maine Potato Lady (Maine)
  • Peaceful Valley (California)

+ Fruit Trees

  • Don't overlook trees that are quick and easy from seed or cutting! Fig, guava, and so forth. Ask around and maybe you will find someone who has a mother tree who is happy and willing to share cuttings. Maybe there is someone in your area that is a fan of heirloom trees and would be happy to share scion wood.
  • Clausen's Nursery If you are in the San Diego region, this can be a great way to kick start your orchard. Folks are super helpful. There are many mature trees for you to observe the body language and often even fruit to taste. (Vista, California)
  • Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery Many folks know about Exotica through rare fruit growers or other organizations. Yes, it's true that you can get your hands on some rare and unusual stock. Be sure to set aside enough time as there's quite alot to see! (Vista, California)
  • Dave Wilson Nursery This is standard fare stuff but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. Dave Wilson trees are available in cans but it is better to buy bareroot trees during bareroot season. Keep your eyes peeled starting right around Christmas for the best selection. Not all trees will be available at the same time so you might need to check in a couple of times. Have your planting plan ready so that you can get them in the ground ASAP! Or at least a place to heel them in. You can also place special orders for bareroot trees; check in with your local nursery in late Fall. (California, in San Diego head over to Walter Andersen Nursery)

+ Homestead Kitchen Equipment

  • Pleasant Hill Grain These folks are quick and friendly. When we order from Pleasant Hill, the orders usually go out within hours. Customer service is top notch and they are knowledgeable about the products that they carry. The folks at Pleasant Hill are the one and only importers of the Komo grain mills which I personally think are best in class in terms of home-scale, electric grain mills. They also carry supplies for being prepared on the homestead.
  • The Berkey Guy There are many filters, purifiers, and so forth out there. If you are looking for something that will purify water including cutting out some of the fabulous pharmaceuticals that are included for no additional cost (add the flouride filters and remove 95% of flouride), doesn't need to be plugged in, and saves trips and money, then this is the system for you. It won't really help you store water unless you bottle the filtered water but it will be a way to have clean water in an emergency or tackle your stored water, rain water, and so forth. These are not inexpensive but well worth the investment. If you are currently shopping for one and wonder what size, remember you want to need to refill it one or two times each day. You don't want the filter to dry out between uses and you don't want to wait for water to filter either. Dale and I opted for a Royal Berkey as we also use it to water the dog and cook. Buy back-up filters if appropriate in your situation. Then there is the matter of Berkeys not shipping to California: The travel systems do ship to California including the stainless Travel Berkey and Go Berkey along with the Berkey Light. If you would like another system then simply have it shipped to a friend or family member not in the California and have them ship it to you. There are other ways, just put on your thinking cap. Berkeys are 100% legal use and possess in Calfornia. And you will be able to have replacement filters shipped right to your home.

+ Tools & Equipment

  • BioPod Pre-fabricated bin for cultivating black solider fly larvae. Or find plans online and DIY.
  • Clarington Forge (United Kingdom; stocked in USA warehouse) Real garden tools made to last!
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds (USA) Eliminate plastic pots and trays for seed starting and propagation! Soil blocking tools! Yeah baby!
  • Lee Valley (Canada) Best compost fork ever! Also, great for handling deep litter and maybe even some mucking.
  • Lehmans's (Dalton, Ohio) Get all those non-electric gadgets and tools here.
  • Reotemp (San Diego, California) Compost thermometer made right here in USA! Don't guess if you are working with humanure systems and looking to compost fast!

+ Greywater & Rainwater

  • Clean Water Components (Oakland, California) Greywater and rainwater components are available from the online store.
  • Alpine Tanks (Alpine, California) Rain water collection!

+ Compost & Worms

  • Redworm Products (Escondido, California) Seriously good products if you are just getting started.
  • Sharon's Worm Farm (Ramona, California) You can pick up bags of worms at Walter Andersen or City Farmers Nursery.