15 Essential Tools in the Homesteading Kitchen - PVP9

Show Notes

The homesteading kitchen at 107 Garden has been built over several years.

Every pot, pan, and small kitchen appliance is not essential. In this podcast I boil my list down to a few things. These are my go-to pots, pans, and small appliances. I've used all of these essentials in my kitchen for years...in the case of some vintage Calphalon (an incredible product that was made in U.S.) was purchased by my mother DECADES ago! So seek out vintage cookware that didn't get much wear and tear!

our 8 1/2" pot rack holds many of the pots and pans I use frequently. Another smaller one holds oversized pots, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and such. Dale made this pot rack for less than $40. The hooks are from IKEA.

There are plenty of choices but I value quality over price. These are my selections but some folks prefer BlendTec over VitaMix or Cuisinart over KitchenAid for example. Sometimes a less expensive item is all that is needed depending on how heavily it will be used; an inexpensive pot for boiling bath canning for example rather than a multi-hundred dollar one. Though a huge quality pot could also be used for gallons of milk for cheese or beer making. So some selections depend on your homesteading focus. 

Quality tri-ply or five-ply, enameled cast iron, well used baking pans, and a few power tools is all a homesteading kitchen needs to start. Build as you need to! It is an expensive list and we didn't buy everything at once or even in one year! I still dream of a fancy copper jam pan and smaller pressure cooker. But, these are extras in my book and not essential. Of course, a good chef's knife is a good thing...select one that works for you and your budget. I like both Wusthof and Shun.  Global is nice but it does get slippery if your hands are wet. A less expensive chef's knife that gets great reviews and I think handles super nice for its price is an 8" Victorinox.

Products mentioned (no affiliate links or compensation received for any of these). Don't forget to shop craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, ask friends, etc. before taking the retail plunge.


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