Kick the Big Box Shopping Habit - PVP7

Show Notes

Are you tired of shopping at big box stores? Sure, we all get it: buy local, shop at the farmer's market,  join a CSA, and grow your own (if it's an option). But, what if you really want to find other options!? In this episode, I skip the usual suspects and share some of the other buying options that we like at 107 Garden.

These shopping strategies also connect you with your community and the people around you. Less gas, less time and often better products at a good price.

Plus, what's a peach have to do with this discussion? I'll share one of my favorite analogies about the real cost of goods.

by planting trees with different harvest times...means you can enjoy fruit for an extended season. when comparing costs always consider the hidden costs. gas, time, energy, wear and tear on a vehicle, and so forth. photo credit:

Plus, you might not need to shop after all: rent equipment instead of buying your own, borrow from a friend or neighbor. It's amazing what is available on your street or close by!