Why We Don't Buy Chicken Feed - PVP6

Show Notes

Once upon a time flocksters didn't rely on bagged feeds. These days we not only rely on bagged feeds but believe that there is something magical and so advanced that we couldn't possibly make feed at home. 

The chickens are rationed--all we have to do or ask someone to do is feed x amount usually it is one jar or 1 1/2 jars. Makes it easy to get help and also eliminates guesswork for everyone. The jar to jar variance in weight is less than 10 grams.

Why are we convinced that we cannot mix chicken feeds for our flock?

We can and should feed our flock from homestead resources and skills when we can! Use the Chicken Feed Workbook to formulate feeds for your flock! Consider the feed a part of the flock's diet--not the entire diet! Grow forage, sprout, ferment, consider black solider fly larvae, and other strategies for a healthy diet and a healthy wallet! 

It takes less than 30 minutes for me to weigh, mix, and grind feed for our flock once a month--that's less time than heading to a feed store. I can make changes to the formulation to accommodate the composition of the flock, weather, ingredient prices, and so on. 


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