49 Ways to Save Money & Live Better - PVP4

Show Notes

There are many, many small steps that can be taken to save money, conserve energy, and live a little bit better. Here are more than 49 small steps we've taken at 107 Garden: where we source our food and sundries, what food do we store and how, eliminating "food waste", repair not replace, and on and on. 

Check out the businesses and products mentioned in this episode (no affiliate links):

  • Online coop: Frontier Co-op
  • Local store buying from some local growers: People's Organic Food Market 
  • San Diego Area Farmer's Markets
  • San Diego area refill shop: Blue Dot Refill ***Sadly this shop is now closed--but People's sells many products by the ounce to refill jars and bottles.***
  • San Diego CSA with Missouri pastured beef, lamb, and pork...brought to us in San Diego via shared shipping in a freezer truck...the truck was passing by anyway! Pasture Fresh Meats
  • Azure Standard, an organic farm and purveyor of organic, earth friendly foods and products located in Dufur, Oregon. Plus, 107 Garden is volunteer drop location for Azure! UNFI is an option in some areas, so check that out too.
  • Pressure canner: All American 30-quart pressure
  • Storage containers and lids: Vittle Vaults or mason jars with lids and rings
  • Spray bottles: Spraymaster, repurposed spray bottles, ask friends and neighbors to pass on their used spray bottles
  • Bamboo straws: Brush with Bamboo
  • Scrubbing powder: Bon Ami or homemade
  • Ingredient for homemade cleaners: Dr. Bronners Sal Suds or homemade soap (cold process soap is quick and easy and when flaked is good for making homemade cleaners)
  • Laundry detergent: Oasis and soap nuts
  • Laundry stain remover: homemade
  • Dish detergent: Oasis
  • And of course there are many more choices...these are just some of the choices we have made at 107 Garden.