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 Offerings from the Open Garden 2014 at 107 Garden. Kiki greeted folks who came to see, listen to music, and meet new folks! yay!

Offerings from the Open Garden 2014 at 107 Garden. Kiki greeted folks who came to see, listen to music, and meet new folks! yay!

Show Notes

How do you get it all done? That is the number one question that I get asked both in person and via email.

My sidewinding answer is: I am always adjusting my trajectory. Ahhh, all those years in the corporate world. 

I often reconsider what I am doing. I will reconsider daily if the stakes are high: is what I am doing right now aligned with what I set out to do? 

Of course, there is plenty that is just plain out of my control.

Yet and still each day must be scrutinized not for getting it all done but for did the the right thing(s) get done?

When laying out a plan to adjust your trajectory for the New Year, rather than grand, broad-stoke resolutions, consider making commitments. Commitments that are aligned with your big picture. Here are some commitment ideas from the Weekend Preserver Series.

Since I have not defined my 2016 commitments, let me use a couple of my 2015 commitments as an example.

Last year I committed to making all my personal care products (deodorant, creme, lotion, salves, toothpaste, and so forth). Why? Over the years I have floated in and out of making nearly all the products that we use. I committed that by 2016 I would no longer purchase any personal care products with the exception of Dr. Bronners. Why the Dr. Bronners exception? One, Dale loves his peppermint Dr. Bronners. Why mess with happiness that costs less than $50 per year? Less than 14 cents a day! And two, the DIY math doesn't have me running to purchase potassium hydroxide. Liquid soap is a terrific thing to make. If you haven't made liquid soap it really is rewarding! Over the course of the year I purchased all the ingredients that I needed and some equipment. I finally had to take the plunge and purchase an immersion blender. Then right under the wire I banged everything out. Keep in ming that throughout the year I stopped buying new ready-made products, I saved bottles and jars I thought I would reuse, I checked and double checked recipes, and I experimented a bit. 

You might be thinking, gee that was nice but I have bigger plans. Well, the commitment to make personal care products was/is aligned with the greater objective of a toxic free home and lowering expenses. Plus, often I am able to support real small companies; you know companies that employ people making a decent wage, make great products, and sells the products. Those companies are becoming fewer and fewer as big corporations buy them up! But, if you are buying ingredients there is still a chance to support the world that you want with your wallet. 

If you have followed 107 Garden for a while, you might have noticed the changes to the website in 2015. Well, all of the changes were part of a commitment that included working on the website. I just kept hammering away. There was even a last stand: The Homesteader. I wasn't stoked to write a biography, I mean, who is? But, it had to be done. I didn't send the pictures out in time to be professionally scanned and restored so higher quality scans are on the way. See, I don't do it all!

So, as you consider where you want to be, consider what needs to be done today to support the bigger pictures. Yes, we need to make dinner, wash laundry, and all the usual stuff. But, beyond that, what is the most important thing that you can do today?

Happy New Year!



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