Stress-Free Holiday Meals - PVP32

Show Notes

Folks start freaking out about right now. What should be on the menu? How will I get it all done? What will ze think? Stacks of cookbooks come out, notes, and frantic internet searches.

Solana Beach, CA 

How to maintain calm while preparing fancy celebration meals?

  • Write a menu and stick to it! No menu creep...oh, one more side, it's no big deal. Don't let it happen to the menu! Make a menu and stick to it! Check with family members and guests to be sure you are including the favorite-favorites.
  • Make a shopping list. Check and double check your menu and recipes! Do you have cloves on hand? How much heavy cream do you need for all your recipes? Don't forget beverages or any nibbles that might be needed before the meal is served.
  • Break menu down into pieces
    • One, items that can be prepared well in advance like relishes, cranberry sauces, and special condiments. Some sides can be frozen, so consider that too.
    • Two, food that can be prepared or par-prepared a day or two in advance. Measure, pare, chop absolutely everything that can be prepared in advance. I even measure flour, salt, and water for the dinner rolls that I get up and make at o'dark thirty the day of a meal.
    • Three, food that will be prepared on the day of--such as dinner rolls.
  • Consider using pyrex dishes with lids that easily stack in the fridge or freezer and can go from the fridge to the oven to the counter.
  • Consider not having a set time for the meal. Rather than stress that you are not going to have the meal ready right at 5 p.m. decide to have the meal between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Have drinks and entertainment available for guests while they wait. Consider children who might need a special area or require other things to keep busy while dinner is baking, roasting, and cooking.

Relax, relax, relax. 



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