Chicken Manure Management Using Deep Litter - PVP27

Show Notes

Chicken Poop Management 101 from 2014 pretty much covers the basics.

Deep litter management or what I prefer to call built-up litter management has bonuses on the urban homestead

Why Deep Litter Management or Built-up Litter Management?

Monica inspecting a withdrawal from the run in 2014.

  • Composting happens in the run so no special huge composting set-up is required.
  • Built-up litter requires nearly no time to manage enabling busy 9-5 folks to still holistically manage the hen house and run.
  • Built-up litter that is managed well is healthy for the flock.
  • Built-up litter supports the good microbes while keeping the bad ones at bay.
  • Built-up litter is ready or nearly ready for use after composting so it provides a valuable source of organic material for gardens.
  • Built-up is more fun and healthy for the flock to scratch and find treasures.


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