Winter Egg Laying & Adding Light to the Hen House - PVP20

Show Notes

Outdoor rated fixture in the hen house for supplemental lighting.

Don't forget that The Chicken Feed Workbook is available for you to download and formulate feeds for your chicks, pullets, and laying hens. I've also included recipe examples, resources, and tips. Listen to Why We Don't Buy Chicken Feed to learn more about how we feed our flock.

It never ceases to amaze me how upset and divided folks can be over things like pellets or whole grains and add light in the winter or not. Usually one camp thinks the other camp is completely wrong and the conversation doesn't lead to more understanding but rather quite the opposite, a mess.

Many of my fellow flocksters do not add light in the winter. The most often cited reason: "I want give the hens the break that nature intended."

I completely understand that but we prefer eggs on all of the days. I do not want to have to figure out which eggs are the least evil at the market. I don't want to feed hens that are not providing eggs and manure. Although to be completely honest we currently have three hens that will happily retire at 107 Garden: Monica, Diva, and Barnie. Listen to What Do You Do When the Chickens Stop Laying Eggs? for more on my flock management practices. 

I prefer to assume that my fellow flocksters have chickens for all sorts of reasons and we are all striving to make the right choices for our situation. No everyone's situation is the same: climate, budget, landscape, access to forage, access to food scraps, space to grow grains, and so forth all impact how and why we provide what we do to our flocks.

If you decide to add light in the winter, read more about how and why I add light in my post Need More Eggs? Just Add Light. Maybe.


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