Bigger Chicken Coop, Less Space - PVP2

Show Notes

Dale and I spent well over a year designing and building our hen house. It makes good use of limited space and makes chicken-related chores quick and easy. 

  • Why don't we use a chicken tractor? With raised beds on one side of our backyard and dozens of trees on the other side, we simply don't have any space to move a tractor around. 
  • Why a 3-level hen house? 
    • Happy chickens!
    • Easy to care for our chickens and easy for someone to help us out when help is needed. 
  • Here's a little bit about our hen house:
    • The first level offers access to the earth and a place for feeding, watering, scratching, and general chicken fun. The upper levels create shady areas for the first level.
    • A roof over the hen house and run protects the chickens from predators and water is diverted off the roof into rain barrels.
    • The second level offers nest boxes and a ramp to the third level.
    • The third level is for roosting at night. Lots of windows ensure air circulation.
    • The hen house and run are protected on all sides and under the built-up litter with 1/2" hardware cloth.
  • Read about our hen house design here and more about the built-up litter method.


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