Native Bees & Answers to Your Homesteading Questions - PVP12

Show Notes

It's the perfect time to support the native leafcutter bees! A simple bee house to protect nesting holes will be a great home for leafcutter bees! Add the proper size nesting holes and you are all set to support these wonderful bees!

leafcutter bees and their new home that Dale made. photo credit:

Get everything that you need for supporting leafcutters as well as bees! Use promo code garden107 when you place your order with Crown Bees for 5% off your order! Yay! No special cut for me, just a better deal for you!

Listener questions:

  • Ryan asks: How do you do all this? Short answer: I don't do all this! Dale, Nia, and Kiki provide tons of help and support. WWOOFers and volunteers pitch in from time to time. Other folks provide critical guidance and expertise. We are always learning and doing things ourselves so we are saving money and creating systems/things that we can fix ourselves.
  • Marianne asks: How do you prevent burnout by doing too much? There are ton of time and project management strategies. But, recently I've adopted a one thing, one day approach using one criteria: What's that one thing that must get done today or I will loose my displeased with my day if it doesn't get done.
  • Ted asks: What about neighbor complaints, permits, and zoning? The short answer is that everything on our homestead within the bounds of the rulebook. We are open and sharing with our neighbors about what we are doing and we always share eggs and bounty from the homestead.

Listen in next week as I share our tidying event! Does walking around your home or homestead bring you joy? If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo's book The life-changing magic of tidying up, I will share many of the tidying basics and the lessons I learned about joy.