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Let's just cut right to it, okay!? Why the hell are we wasting water flushing poop down the toilet? Learn more about how you can get a humanure toilet system setup and stop flushing poop down the toilet...or maybe just a bit less flushing. 

If I urinated and defecated into a pitcher of drinking water and then proceeded to quench my thirst from the pitcher, I would undoubtedly be considered crazy. If I invented expensive technology to put my urine and feces into my drinking water, then invented another expensive (and undependable) technology to make the same water fit to drink, I might be thought even crazier. It not inconceivable that some psychiatrist would ask me why I wanted to mess up my drinking water in the first place
— Wendell Berry, Foreward to The Toilet Papers

Humanure composting in less than 100 words

Humanure toilet set-up includes: toilet box, toilet buckets, biofilter material such as saw dust, peat moss, or rice hulls, long handled brush, composting bins, and coarse cover material such as straw.

Composting process: after each toilet use cover deposit with biofilter material, buckets are emptied into compost pile, scrub and rinse bucket with water using care to put water into compost pile, cover compost pile with coarse cover materials until nothing is offensive to the eyes or nose, continue to make deposits for 1-year then age pile for 1-year, then the compost is ready for use.

Important note: Please refer Joseph Jenkins' book The Humanure Handbook to learn and understand all the nitty gritty of humanure composting! Also the website The Humanure Handbook is a great resource.

Read more about our humanure toilet system.


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