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Show Notes

Over 70% of people who responded to our monthly newsletter question (completely unscientific research) "Why do you bother? What is the most rewarding part of homesteading?" clicked "Controlling what's in my family's products." 

50 pounds of onions goes a long way in the kitchen. Onion bounty can be stored handing using "stringing" and dehydrated. Two terrific ways to hang onto the goodness! Photo credit:

But, the question is always a nagging one: Why bother? Why not just go the store and get everything that you need? Just pay someone to do that for you and you will save a ton of trouble, time, sweat, and heartache (when I don't get it right the first time!). 

  • Why wait a week for fermented mustard? You know that you can buy that at the store, right?
  • Why go without bread because you ran out of time or forgot to bake?
  • Why spend so much time learning to do something when you could just pay someone to do it for you?

At least a few of us are concerned about what is in the bottle, jar, or container. And I am too. One of the big reasons we DIY is to control what in the the products we use and the food that we eat. Of course there are added bonuses like saving money, saving time in the long run, ability to repair what we created, and designing exactly what we need or want.


  • Ask someone to teach you or guide you in something that you don't know how to do.
  • Check out our resource list of books that might help.


  • Special thanks to Dale, Nia, Kiki, and Steph for all the love and support! 
  • Raleigh, the guy I love to hate when it comes to all things internet, thank you for all your great ideas...not!
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  • And to all those podcasters out there sharing good information on podcasting for those of us just getting going with this podcast thing! Thank you!