What is Permaculture Velocity? - PVP0

Show Notes

I decided that "What the hell is Permaculture Velocity?" was going to be a question. Why not answer it up front? Plus why drool on and on for five minutes in every episode? This is that five minutes in one tidy eight minute-ish package. 

Permaculture Velocity: sharing skills for the resilient homestead.

  • What is Permaculture Velocity?
  • Why am I am urban homesteader?
  • What's this whole homesteading thing anyway? 

***Update: publishing schedule changed from Monday to Wednesday.***


  • Special thanks to Dale, Nia, Kiki, and Steph for all the love and support! I seriously couldn't have launched this podcast without y'all! 
  • And we are all gathered here today because Raleigh Leslie  stood in my kitchen on March 26th (I remember because it's the same day that I relaunched 107Garden.com) and declared that my explanation of differences between a humanure toilet and a composting toilet was podcast material. Thanks, Raleigh!
  • Aaron Glasson, Permaculture Velocity logo. Badass right?! Contact him for your branding needs!
  • Music: Tell Somebody by Alex Beroza featuring AdmiralBob, digccmixter, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0