Luna Moth

One night we arrived home and a luna moth (Actias luna) greeted us on the deck.

What a beauty! The color and radiance really makes you stop right in your tracks and grab your phone to take a photo.

These days we are busy

  • wrapping up major house interior projects,
  • repairing and maintaining the house exterior,
  • designing and building accommodations for the mixed species flock,
  • revamping existing garden beds and designing new larger garden area,
  • starting our first gardens in Tennessee,
  • foraging,
  • removing the wildly opportunistic privet and planting endemic species,
  • observing and noting the happenings on the land


  • jotting down ideas,
  • continuing without mainstream news,


  • a whole lotta not as in saying no to keep things in balance.

Updated: March 2018

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