Regal Moth

The dark nights in the woods and staying up late with one light on creates near perfect conditions for mothing.

This beautiful Citheronia regalis decided to hang out on my office screen at 4 a.m. I carefully closed the window as it rested on screen. 

Turns out that awning windows are perfect for mothing. The moths are attracted to the light and the screen provides a nice place for them to land.

I can quickly and harmlessly capture the moth. I grab a couple of pictures and then release it.

We are located in Middle Tennessee, an hour south of Nashville, Tennessee and an hour north of Huntsville, Alabama.

We are stewards of nearly sixty acres of Mother Earth and its inhabitants at the southern edge of the Central Basin. The land is mostly wooded with walking trails, some pasture, a dilapidated c. 1899 barn, and a small house down a long driveway. 

Mother Weather shares plenty of rain and snows are generally light and melt quickly.

Summers are hot with temperatures mid-90s and high humidity during the day but cooling quickly in the evening to very sleep-able temperatures in the mid-70s.

The cold part of the year features "five little winters" when heat and a warm coat are needed. Between those "winters" is weather that can fool us into not bringing firewood in or starting our gardens too early. Just don't do it...wait patiently for Mother Weather to warm up for the long haul.

  • Climate Type:  Humid, sub-tropical
  • Köppen–Geiger Climate Classification: Cfa (warm, humid, hot summer)
  • USDA Zone: 7A
  • Annual Rainfall:  ~50 inches
  • Annual Chill Hours:  ~1100 hours