And an Old Barn Too

I'm just going to jump right in so if you are wondering about the rest of the story, read the first post on our move to Tennessee.

Chapman barn built in 1899.

Dale wanted an old barn. I thought, "Terrific, I've got to find the right property that meets all the requirements and it has to have an old barn too." I understand old barns are cool but seriously I have to find a 100-year-old dilapidated barn? I knew that if I found the right property and it had an old barn too, that I would be granted a stack of get out of jail free cards.

Dale checking out his old barn. 

After I spotted what I thought was the one (the property that met all our requirements) online, I started researching the property. I suspected that there was some sort of building in the pasture but it wasn't clear what it was and it wasn't mentioned in the tax records. I requested a video of the property from the main road and the private drive. And there it was, an old barn! The real estate agent described the property as she recorded and indicated that the barn "does go with the property." Sometimes with folks make other arrangements for the barn to be sold to reclaim the wood rather than include it with the property. I was stoked! 

Wonderful old hinges! 

Turns out the old barn was built in 1899-1900. Once upon a time a woman name Susie A. Chapman bought a number of parcels that became the 125-acre Chapman parcel. After Ms. Chapman died there was some dicing that involved access to springs and other water resources as public water wasn't available. Interestingly, we have water rights to a spring next door where the original Chapman homestead was built. Our property is 56.5 acres of the original Chapman parcel and we are on well water.

Old barn nails

A few final thoughts. We had the barn inspected for pests (no pest problems) and wood species determined (poplar and chestnut) as part of our pre-purchase due diligence. Of course, the wood needs to be properly handled so the wonderful world of insects doesn't become an un-wonderful world of insects inside your house if you are reclaiming for inside projects! Proceed with caution and do your homework if you are considering selling your old barn. Folks would be happy to help us with our old barn. Sorry, can't sell Dale's barn!