Cheap & Easy Ways to Save Water

So, you haven't installed a 1,000 gallon+ water catchment system?! We haven't installed one either. Tsk. Tsk. 

Just a little reminder!

But, we have done a few other things to address the water issue. First, we use less water. Duh. Low flow shower heads and faucet aerators that limit water flow, not flushing if it's yellow, and so forth. Next, we added compost and mulched nearly every inch of the garden to create an organic sponge. The satisfaction of pushing away mulch and finding moist, dark soil! Priceless, folks, priceless. Mulching is a labor of love. Love Mother Earth and keep her covered.

A few more things we've done:

  • Laundry to landscape system. Relatively low cost, the total cost for our DIY system was $368, for an abundant return of fruit from the trees! Mangoes, guavas, and less sewage.
  • Dishpans. Use water in the garden.
  • Outdoor sinks. It's easy to divert the water as it's already outside! Yay!
  • Alterna-jane. No water required!
  • 5-gallon bucket under bathroom basin. Use this water in the garden or to flush the toilet. Put In the bowl, not the tank.
  • Another 5-gallon bucket is used to catch the cold shower water before it warms up.

Clearly mark the laundry to landscape system! it's an awesome thing!

region valves for the front garden's Laundry to landscape system. alternatively, a 3-way valve could be used but we elected to not spend another $50+ on a nice brass 3-way valve!

If the forecast includes rain, we use 5-gallon buckets to catch water off the roof. Yes, there are 101 uses for a 5-gallon bucket! We plan to design and build a ferrocement tank to capture rain off the roof of the house and we have two 55-gallon drums that will one day store water from the roof of the hen house. We are also planning an outdoor shower on The Tree Side (aka orchard) of the backyard.

from a path. no, we don't water the paths.

Water reminder: Don't forget to store water for an emergency! At least one gallon per person per day.

Of course, do your research and be sure you understand the appropriate uses of greywater and alternative systems as well as the applicable laws and regulations in your area!

Take little steps in the right direction!


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