Puppy Found Before It Was Lost

Roxy after she made a full recovery


There are no innocent bystanders. Once Roxy's emaciated and smelly body crossed our path it was now our responsibility. Roxy, as in the Police's song Roxanne, is from the streets...rescued. Not rescued from a shelter but from the streets of San Bernardino, California. Unable to find a no kill shelter or rescue organization, we agreed to foster her...then we fell in love...must have been all the daily care help her heal. 

roxy on her custom made deck. Dale used a pallet to create a place for roxy to enjoy the garden. chillin'!


Fast forward to a couple of days ago. We usually keep a close eye on the doors and gates so that Roxy doesn't go on an adventure. But, she slipped out. Before we even noticed she was gone, a neighbor called the microchip company, the company in turn called both numbers on Roxy's account and sent an email. All within minutes! Roxy got home safe without any heartache.

Technology can be an amazing thing! $17.99 per year is a no brainer.



  • Home Again is the microchip and pet recovery service we have for Roxy