Pop-up Community at 107 Garden March 4-8, 2015!

Dale and I are opening our homestead to people who are attending Permaculture Voices. 107 Garden is located about 3 miles from the conference and is close to the airport, beaches, and local shops.

What are we offering:

  • Food is included: fresh eggs, homemade bread, homemade jam, homemade cheese, and fresh fruit will be available. Oatmeal, homemade yogurt, and farina too! Dinners and food to pack lunches included! Our kitchen and outside grill will also be available if you want to prepare your own food. Don't worry about spices or fresh herbs as we have a plenty. If we grill, we can use the outdoor sink, and water the trees with the water!
  • Riding a bike? We’re a family of bike lovers and we are 3 blocks away from our local bike shop, Terra Rhythm!
  • Car2Go, Uber, and local buses all offer another way of getting around during the conference. Also, the route to the conference is walkable… sidewalks and crosswalks the entire route!
  • Our local bike shop, raw-vegan restaurant, Co-Op, and bulk refill shop are all within walking distance!
  • Enjoy a place of respite around an evening fire, among the nearly 50 young fruit trees, or with our friendly chickens. Check out our greywater waste management systems, our humanure setup, and chat with us about our future plans!

Want to join our pop-up community? email info@107garden.com.