Five Favorite Seed Houses

Organizing seeds

Seeds are such an incredible thing! I can hold an entire garden in my hands. I am amazed every single time I plant seeds and plants emerge.

Seed catalogs will be arriving in mailboxes in the coming weeks and there are so many seed catalogs! Websites are being updated with new arrivals. Email boxes will be brimming with details of new or rediscovered varieties.

Over the years I have ordered from dozens of seed purveyors and these are my favorite based on germination rates, diversity of seeds available, small seed producers, and availability.

Wild Boar Seeds tomato Wow!

Wild Garden Seeds lettuces

  1. Baker Creek. Yes, there’s the glossy catalog and lots of pretty pictures and some folks prefer neither. I like Baker Creek because they support seed saving, rare variety preservation, and small seed producers. Overall the seed packets are a terrific value and order turnaround times tend to be swift with rare exception during the early spring when everyone is trying to get their orders filled.
  2. Horizon Herbs. This is the go-to for herb seeds. Want a medicinal herb garden? Want usual herbs not available at your local nursery? Horizon Herbs has an outstanding selection. Horizon Herb orders tend to take a bit longer to arrive in the spring but do not fret the order will arrive from Oregon packed with love.
  3. J.L. Hudson. This seed purveyor is old school: take the time to peruse the paper catalog, fill out a paper order, and mail your order in. Be prepared to wait for your order to arrive but it will be nicely packed. There are some rare and unusual seeds available as well as supplies for  germinating difficult to germinate seeds.
  4. Wild Garden Seeds. Love. Love. Love. I simply cannot get enough of Frank Morton’s lettuce introductions and varieties he’s preserved. Serious appreciation to someone with three decades dedicated to breeding lettuce.
  5. Wild Boar Farms. My hands down favorite tomatoes are Wild Boar Farms tomatoes. Brad Gates has some amazing work with striped tomatoes. I simply cannot get enough of striped tomatoes that glisten in the sun!

Don't forget that friends, neighbors, grocery stores, and seed swaps are a good way to source seeds. And check the homesteading supplies for other seed purveyors that I have personal experience with, support, and recommend.