Chicken in Every Pot and an Outdoor Sink in Every Garden

I’ve wanted an outdoor sink for years! It was so logical to me: time saving and water conserving. Plus, come on, it’s cool! After much cajoling and begging, we finally built one.  The we was really just Dale, the sink builder. I only watched excitedly while sipping tequila as he measured, cut, drilled, hammered, and racked it square.

Now that our outdoor sink is complete, this is why I love it:

Outdoor sink! Total project cost $106

  • Washing up just harvested vegetables and fruits.
  • Washing grimy garden hands.
  • Refilling water bottles.
  • Cleaning  hummingbird feeders and mixing up new sugar/water solution.
  • Hand washing clothes.
  • Making sun tea right there in the garden! Grab that mint and add water. Bonus, the tea can sun right there on the counter next to the sink.
  • Putting beverages or food on ice.
  • Washing seeds/sprouts that are sprouting in jars or trays.
  • Watering trees and plants with the diverted water!
  • And it's awesomely sexy!



  • Thrift stores, yard sales, alley finds
  • Scrap wood piles
  • Habitat for Humanity's ReStore
  • Discarded materials from a kitchen or bathroom renovation